Resolving conflict without the fight

Protecting ourselves and others without violence.

Developing self-awareness. resiliency, powerful center, and a calm spirit.     


The techniques and philosophies learned and practiced in Aikido provide us with a broad range of options to deal with physical or emotional conflict.  

While learning throws, joint locks, and pins as well as a sword, staff and knife skills, Aikido invites us to recognize the power of nonviolence as a way of resolving conflict.  

Aikido shows us how to re-define the feeling of being 'attacked' or 'thrown' and be able to protect both ourselves and our attackers from harm. 

Beginning Aikido is easy! Just contact us to check we have class, come along to watch a class, or sign up to try it for a month.

No experience or special equipment required, just an interest in self development, challenge and fun!