Aikido of Truckee

The way of Harmony with life-energy &

The non-violent resolution of conflict

True victory is self victory"..........This is the true spirit of Aikido

Aikido is a modern non-violent, and non-competitive martial art, and for those who choose – a path of personal and spiritual growth. Aikido is a practical self-defense that helps develop balance and coordination in all areas of life.

Through Aikido training, students find the strength and confidence to control the conflicts that are faced everyday be it a physical attack, a thoughtless comment from a co-worker or a child’s temper tantrum.

Aikido training focuses on how to resolve any attack without doing harm to the attacker. As students refine their reaction to incoming energy, stress and pressure in the physical training, they begin to refine their reaction to the stresses of life and in their relationships with others.  Aikido does not require physical strength or fitness, but training does improve physical conditioning, concentration, and mental clarity.

Truckee Aikido has ongoing classes Wednesdays  and Sunday evening at The Community Arts Center 10046 Church Street, Truckee

See training page for details of all classes. No experience or special equipment required.  Wear comfortable clothes you can move in.



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